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'I'm going to get a gun' says Kean

Celebrity solicitor Gerald Kean has proclaimed he is purchasing a gun, following the violent robbery of his blonde fiancee Lisa Murphy.

The high-profile lawyer, who advocates zero tolerance of criminals, says it is one of the measures he is taking to protect his Co Wicklow home following the theft of hundreds of thousands of euro worth of jewels.

Speaking on RTE's chat show with Miriam O'Callaghan last night he said: "Yes, I am getting a shotgun.

"I've been outspoken about zero tolerance in the past because of my time spent in Florida where zero tolerance is applied. It is not acceptable to commit a crime -- but criminals can get the help they deserve while serving long sentences."

The Wicklow-based solicitor, who is due to marry his stunning fiancee later this year, also told of how Lisa is continuing to suffer from long-term physical injuries since the armed raid.

And he described the full extent of the terror she suffered on the night. "They held a knife to her throat. Then another robber took out a second knife and said: 'Ok, so we'll do this the hard way'."

Gerald, who was out on the night of the robbery, had expected Lisa to join him.

"When she didn't turn up I thought there'd been a car accident," he said. "I was relieved when I saw the car in the drive -- but when I went inside I heard this almighty scream. I ran upstairs and I found her slumped over in the chair, screaming."

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