Saturday 21 July 2018

'I'm bleeding on the streets' - Young homeless woman (20) suffering from genetic condition 'desperate' for accommodation

Jade Doyle has been homeless for two years Photo: Frank McGrath
Jade Doyle has been homeless for two years Photo: Frank McGrath
Amy Molloy

Amy Molloy

A young mum-of-two suffering from Lynch Syndrome has told of her horrific experience living on the streets, saying: "Some days I'm just not able to cope".

Jade Doyle (20), from Clondalkin in Dublin, has been homeless for two years along with her partner and two children.

Many members of her family suffer from Lynch syndrome - a genetic condition that means a person has a high risk of colon cancer as well as other cancers.

Her older sister died from the condition when she was just 26, and Jade has been in and out of hospital for the last number of months.

She furnished medical reports to detailing how her bowels have been "heavily bleeding" and how her homeless situation is affecting her health.

"It's absolutely horrible, I have to wear these adult-like nappies and I don't know where I'm going to be sleeping from one night to the next. Sometimes I stay with family or my mam, but I can't stay there permanently as the houses are too overcrowded.

"All my brothers are younger than me and there is no room for me in the house, plus my mam is just recovering from cancer. She has to take the kids when I don't have anywhere to stay and it's not fair on her either.

"I've been going from hotel to hotel, sofa surfing and I've had to spend some nights on the streets. Suffering from this illness and bleeding like this on the streets is horrible."

She has previously stayed in emergency accommodation in Tallaght and in Dublin city centre.

However, she claimed the accommodation in Dublin city centre had "blood stains on the wall" and was "totally unlivable".

blood stain on wall.png
Blood stain on the wall in the emergency accommodation

"I appreciated the council finding me somewhere but I couldn't raise my two children there. The window collapsed on my hand when I tried to open it and there was dead flies everywhere," she said.

"I know there are a lot of homeless people in Ireland at the minute but I just really need somewhere to live. I want my children to have somewhere safe. It's horrible not being able to put your kids to bed at night...People will probably judge me but it's okay for them judging when they're going home to their nice and cosy houses."

The frustrating part for Jade is that many people she has lived with in emergency accommodation over the past two years have eventually been provided with homes, she doesn't feel like she'll have somewhere to live anytime soon.

A reference provided by a hotel she previously lived in said: "Jade has been the perfect resident, never any issues. I would highly recommend Jade for a rental she would be the perfect person for rental accommodation. Her room was always kept in immaculate condition".

A letter by her doctor after she gave birth to her son, addressed to the 'Homeless Service', read: "This lady who is presently less than four weeks post-natal is presently homeless. It is essential that she attend follow-up appointments for cancer screening as there is an extremely strong family history of inherited cancer." has contacted Dublin City Council for comment.

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