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Thursday 14 December 2017

I'll need a liver transplant to beat cancer, reveals Norris

Senator David Norris
Senator David Norris

Nick Bramhill

CANCER-STRICKEN David Norris said yesterday that he may need a liver transplant in the future.

The veteran politician, who revealed he had cancer back in June, said that his medical team have succeeded in "considerably" reducing the size of the main tumour on his liver.

But the 69-year-old independent Senator admitted his cancer is 'inoperable' and can't be removed by surgery. He said his doctors at St Vincent's Private Hospital in Dublin have suggested a liver transplant may represent his best hope of recovery.

The former Presidential candidate also said he believes his illness is related to the stress he incurred during the past few years.


He said: "It's an inoperable cancer, it's a tumour on the liver.

"It's related to the fact I had [viral] hepatitis 20 years ago and with all the stress I had in the past couple of years, it's come back as cancer.

"But I've a wonderful team at St Vincent's. They're using this new technology, where they inject poison directly into the tumour.

"I had a very big dose of it about six weeks ago and I've just got the results and they say that the main tumour has retracted very considerably and some of the small ones have gone. So I may be in line for a liver transplant."

However, during an interview on The Ray D'Arcy show on Today FM, Norris said he was felt very "optimistic and positive" about the future. And he said he felt energised about the upcoming referendum on the abolition of the Senate.

Norris stressed the country would be in a dangerous position if the upper house was removed.

He said: "The Senate is different to the Dail. We bring expertise to refine legislation.

"There were nearly 600 amendments made in the last 18 months."

He also blasted the claims on government-backed posters that the Senate's abolition would "save €20m", added: "It's false and a deliberate lie."

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