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Ikea issues alert over highchairs after faulty belt injures children

PARENTS who bought a certain batch of high chairs from Ikea are being urged to get in touch after several children were injured due to a faulty belt.

The retailer said customers who have an Antilop high chair from supplier #17389 and production date 0607-0911 - the numbers are moulded into the underside of the seat - should contact its customer services department immediately.

The move comes after eight reports of the belt opening, causing children to fall, resulting in three minor injuries.

In a statement, the company said: "The high chair belt can open unexpectedly in use, creating a fall hazard.

"IKEA has received eight reports of belt opening, including three resulting in minor injury when a child fell from the high chair."

It said only Antilop high chairs from supplier #17389 with production dates 0607-0911 are affected.

Customers with affected chairs are being asked to visit Ikea or contact customer services on 0845 358 3364 to receive a replacement belt free of charge.

The statement added: "No other high chairs are affected. Ikea apologises for any inconvenience this may cause."