Wednesday 25 April 2018

'If road had been lit then my father might still be alive'

Abbie Finn
Abbie Finn

Conor Feehan and Gavin White

Brave mother Abbie Finn has welcomed a plan for better street lighting, following the horrific collision in which she broke her neck and lost her heroic father.

Abbie (18) was walking with her dad Martin (60) on the dark Newcastle to Lucan Road in west Dublin when they were hit by an SUV on the night of January 17.

She has undergone two surgeries on her spine in recent months, in an effort to give her use of her left arm.

Abbie said that she welcomes plans to upgrade the site to include footpaths and street lighting.

Mr Finn was killed in the impact and Abbie was flung up in the air and across the road after her dad pushed her aside before being hit.

She was fitted with a 10lb metal halo frame to stabilise her injury after her neck was broken.

Now, more than six months later, Abbie has had the halo frame removed and had two painful surgeries on her neck to try and regain movement in her left arm.

There is still no footpath or street lights on that stretch of road at present.

But South Dublin County Council said that a €20m upgrade on the Newcastle Road is being put out to tender at present and it is hoped that work on the project may start this year.

Abbie welcomed the news.

"At least if they do put the footpath and lights down it might prevent anything like that happening again," she said.

"There are more and more people using that road now because more houses have been built and there is a real need for it to be upgraded."

Separately, the Road Safety Authority (RSA) has warned motorists to be vigilant ahead of this bank holiday weekend.

At the August bank holiday weekend last year, there were 17 people seriously injured in crashes and two people were killed.

Moyagh Murdoch, CEO with the RSA, said that "summer is always a big worry for us".

She added: "We do traditionally see an increase in deaths, especially in July and August and then particularly at the bank holiday."

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