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Sunday 17 December 2017

‘If people think it'll romp home, they're deluding themselves’ - Minister says vote to repeal the Eighth Amendment would be ‘trounced’

Aodhán Ó Riordan
Aodhán Ó Riordan
Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly

MINISTER of State Aodhán Ó Riordan has said any vote to repeal the eighth would be ‘trounced’ if it were held tomorrow.

He said people were ‘deluded’ if they thought it would win – and that it would take a number of years before it would be possible to hold a successful vote.

Speaking to RTE ahead of today’s pro-choice march in Dublin, he said if a vote were to take place it would be at the end of the term of the next government.

"If it happened in the morning it would be lost and it would be trounced and it would be 20 years before we can return to it.

"But it'll happen, I would imagine, quite late towards the end of the next government because we're nowhere near winning it."

He agreed with the Taoiseach’s position that there would be no point in holding a vote without proposals in place on what would replace it.

"Unless you have a very tight argument and a very tight understanding of what's going to replace the Eighth Amendment, then we really are going nowhere because people like their Constitution and it's much easier to vote No than to vote Yes."

"If people think that if we put a referendum to the people it'll romp home, they're deluding themselves."

"I think the campaign is lacking at the moment in terms of realisation that an awful lot of Irish people have a bit of a journey to make in order to accept the necessity for this measure."

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