Saturday 18 January 2020

Icons from famous liner are stamped in memory

Louise Hogan

ICONIC images of the Titanic will feature on a new set of stamps to commemorate the centenary of its sinking.

Irish designer Ger Garland designed the four stamps around individuals associated with the ship.

The two 55c stamps show the shipbuilder, Thomas Andrews, with the ship being built in Belfast in the background and famous Irish photographer Father Browne, who travelled aboard the ship from Southampton to Cork.

Also featured on 82c stamps (pictured) are the ships Captain, Edward J Smith, and the 'Unsinkable' Molly Brown, nee Tobin, who was among the first-class passengers and went on to raise money for less fortunate survivors.

An Post pointed out the Titanic was also 'RMS' -- a Royal Mail Ship -- and five postal clerks, three from the US and two from Britain, lost their lives as they tried to lug sacks of letters from the mail room.

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