Monday 26 August 2019

Icelander lost €4,000 at poker before going missing

Gardai have released CCTV footage of Jon Jonsson
Gardai have released CCTV footage of Jon Jonsson
Conor Feehan

Conor Feehan

The Icelandic man who vanished after leaving a Dublin hotel more than two weeks ago had lost €4,000 in a poker game the night before.

Concerns are increasing for the safety of Jon Jonsson (41) and there has still been no trace of him, despite his family coming here at the weekend to help more than 50 volunteers search for him.

Jon had arrived in the capital on Friday, February 8, and checked into the Bonnington Hotel in Whitehall on his own. His fiancee had a passport issue and could not travel until Saturday.

The couple had booked a 10-day stay in Dublin to include a three-day poker tournament running the following week, but it is believed Jon had joined in a poker game on the Friday night at the hotel and lost a four-figure sum.

Jon Jonsson
Jon Jonsson

His fiancee, also a poker player, then arrived on Saturday morning and woke Jon at the Bonnington Hotel.

They had a conversation but Jon left without his passport, wallet or phone and didn’t tell his fiancee where he was going.

Shortly after 11am he was picked up on CCTV leaving the hotel, turning right, and walking northwards on the Swords Road.

It is believed he made it to the gates of the nearby Highfield Healthcare facility, but after that there is no sign of him.

Jon’s brother Daniel told that Jon may have had a debit card and some cash with him but it is not certain.

“There has been no activity on his bank accounts. He did play some poker on the Friday, but not at the tournament,” said Daniel.

“He lost some money, but we are not sure how much.” understands that the sum of money that Jon lost was in the region of €4,000.

Daniel said Jon and fiancee Kristjana Gudjonsdottir played poker as a hobby.

“I don’t play poker myself but I hear that it is not a big amount. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. If Jon went for a walk to clear his head it would not be because of money, I think,” he added.

“Jon is a taxi driver in Iceland. He has gone to tournaments before in places like Barcelona. It is a hobby,” said Daniel.

A campaign to raise awareness and distribute posters of Jon took place on Saturday, and his brothers have made an appeal on The Late Late Show.

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