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'I worry about the future quality of our water'



Concern: Sarah and her son Conor. PHOTO: DOUG O’CONNOR

Concern: Sarah and her son Conor. PHOTO: DOUG O’CONNOR

Concern: Sarah and her son Conor. PHOTO: DOUG O’CONNOR

A mother-of-two has told how the boil water notice has damaged her trust in the country's water network.

Sarah Ryan, from Malahide, north Dublin, said the past four days were considerably inconvenient for her family.

Not only did they have to depend on mineral water for drinking, Ms Ryan needed to use a considerable amount to bathe her nine-month-old son Conor and to sterilise his bottles.

"It's been a very inconvenient couple of days making sure that our children were not at risk of being contaminated," she said. "Like so many parents, we took all the precautions, like using boiled water to sterilise my baby's bottle and filling his bath with bottled water.

"We couldn't take the chance of leaving the two kids in a bath full of tap water, because they tend to drinks loads of the stuff while splashing about.

"My other little boy who goes to the local Montessori also couldn't drink the tap water there, but thankfully the staff were well up to date with the latest information.

"Coincidentally, I stocked up on a lot of bottled water over the past couple of months, but it was running out very fast. The shops also had very little in stock which became increasingly worrying."

Ms Ryan added that the boil water notice has left her increasingly hesitant to use tap water in the future.

"It seemed that Irish Water were reluctant to give us a clear estimation of how long this was going to go on for," she said.

"We still don't know exactly how or when the water became contaminated in the first place and if we had been drinking bad water without even knowing it.

"It certainly leaves you worrying about the future quality of our water and I'm sure many other people feel the same."

A spokesperson for Tesco Ireland told the Irish Independent that it has seen an uplift in the demand for bottled water across stores in all affected areas.

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