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Thursday 23 November 2017

‘I wonder will she have an English bark now’ – Dog found after vanishing three years ago

Libby was found after being missing for three years
Libby was found after being missing for three years
Daire Courtney

Daire Courtney

An Irish family were over the moon last week when they received the news that their dog had been found after she was missing for three years.

Libby was stolen from the park in Ballincollig in 2013 at the age of two.

“She’d walk around the park every day and when she got to the car park, she’d run up to the car and wait for a treat,” Libby’s owner Joby told Neil Prenderville on Cork’s Red FM today.

“That day my mam was about 50 feet from the car, and when she got to the car there was no dog and there was a car speeding away, so they were obviously after picking her up and taking her.”

“Usually when dogs are stolen they’re taken for breeding purposes or fighting, so you can imagine what was going through our heads,” he continued.

The family put posters up around the area and checked the nearby pounds, but there was no sign of Libby and they assumed she was gone forever until last week.

“It’s amazing because our house phone didn’t work for five years and a broadband man came during the summer to check the broadband, and whatever he did fixed the phone. We didn’t even know it was fixed,” Joby went on.

“The woman on the phone said ‘This is Janice from Hertfordshire in England’ and I was like ‘OK…’ and she was like ‘A woman has just handed in a female Jack Russell who was found wandering the streets of Hertfordshire the past couple of days.’”

The vet had scanned Libby’s chip and found Joby’s name and number.

“When she got lost I went to the vet and asked if she could see where the chip was, and she said ‘It doesn’t work like that; if someone finds her they’ll scan her and your number will come up.’ And the house number which hadn’t been used in five years was the one that came up; isn’t that amazing?”

Joby will be able to collect Libby later this month when he renews his passport just one day after she can leave quarantine.

“She’s in quarantine until November 13 and I’m getting the passport on the 12; the whole thing just fell perfectly into place.”

“I wonder will Libby have an English bark now, or will she still have a Cork accent,” Joby laughed. He thinks Libby will recognise him and is planning quite a celebration for when she comes back.

“I’d say there’ll be bunting and all,” he laughed.

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