Monday 22 January 2018

I wasn't eavesdropping, says woman who heard about €3.6bn error in bar

Caroline Twohig
Caroline Twohig

THE woman who discovered the Department of Finance's €3.6bn accounting error whilst drinking in a bar in Dublin's Shelbourne Hotel has denied she was eavesdropping.

Caroline Twohig, a presenter with TV3's sister channel 3e, told RTE Radio's John Murray Show this morning that she was actually having a drink with friends "and the conversation came up in my company about some money that had been miscalculated and immediately my ears pricked up when I heard the figure.

"I didn't really believe it at first to be honest - who would? - and after choking on my drink I asked a few follow-up questions to the tune of "What! What did you just say?."

"I brought it into work and we eventually got it confirmed by the Department of Finance and TV3 ran it on the Midday News."

She denied to say how well she knew the people who revealed the information but said she had spoken to them since and "There's no problem. They know I won't give them away."

She also said that - unlike outgoing Department of Finance head Kevin Cardiff - they had not got into any trouble as a result of the controversy.

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