Tuesday 20 February 2018

I was so depressed over my weight, I wouldn't go outside - Elaine Crowley

Struggle: Elaine was happy with her body until a shock after she weighed herself last year
Struggle: Elaine was happy with her body until a shock after she weighed herself last year

Clodagh Sheehy

ELAINE Crowley became clinically depressed when her weight ballooned and her self-confidence crashed earlier this year, she has revealed.

The presenter of TV3's Midday programme says she got "a huge shock" when she weighed herself and found that she was the heaviest she had been at 14st 10lbs.

She felt so bad, she hid herself away from the world and refused to even go outside.

"I got a fright and I knew that things had to change," she said.

Elaine (36) decided to take her depression in hand. "Once I beat those demons and was feeling better, I was in the right place to address my weight issues."

The presenter added she had tried every diet going with reasonable success through the years. But like so many people, her problem was "always with keeping the weight off".

"I'd be able to lose it and feel great, but then I would just slip back into my old habits," she said.

"I'm my own worst enemy. I will never be skinny. I know that and I won't pretend to be skinny either."


Elaine told how she had rarely worried about her size in the past. "I genuinely didn't feel too upset about my weight over the years," she said. "I was a size 14 and happy. In fact, I was proud.

"As long as I was healthy, I didn't care about it, but all that changed when I weighed myself earlier this year."

She decided to try the Danish NUPO diet, which replaces meals with shakes for two weeks and then gradually re-introduces food with a "brick" system.

The TV presenter is now back to a size 14 and has regained her confidence for it. "I feel much better," she said. "I lost weight but what is way more important is that I have totally changed my eating habits."

Curiously, the broadcaster, who spends most of her time in front of the camera, says that while she feels comfortable on TV sitting behind a desk, she hates seeing photographs of her herself.

"If I go to some gig around town, I usually avoid the cameras as much as possible," she added.

"I know that sounds weird because I am on TV every day, but there is something about sitting behind that desk on Midday that makes me feel better.

"It is a comfort zone thing. I am totally at ease in that role and I don't dwell on my size as much as when I see photos of myself."

She also praised her new-look show, which launched last week, saying it has "new lease of life" after three years on air.



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