Tuesday 20 March 2018

'I was given less than a 30pc chance of survival' – David Norris speaks of cancer horror

Senator David Norris
Senator David Norris

Anita McSorley

Senator David Norris has spoken of his experience of liver cancer, saying he was given a less than a 30pc chance of “getting out alive.”

“I knew I wasn’t well and one of the doctors in St Vincent’s said I think we’ll have a look at the liver.

“While I was waiting on the results I go this appalling pain and I was told to come in straight away.

“They reduced it down to a certain level in order to have a transplant... and then I went ahead and had the transplant

“They had to operate through the tube to get the artery that was being blocked.

“I was given less than 30pc chance of getting out alive,” he told Marian Finucane on RTE Radio One this morning.

In order to relieve the pain Mr Norris was given an array of drugs, which he says he enjoyed the feeling of.

“I loved the drugs, it’s a treat. This lovely buzzy feeling of swirling around and levitating up the ceiling. You don't care what happens.”

Despite the odds being stacked against him, Mr Norris said he was not worried about his survival chances.

“What’s the point in worrying about it? These are superb professionals. If something goes wrong, it goes wrong.”

“I was in intensive care for two days and then I was in a high dependency unit.”

“Within about three days I was on my feet but I wasn’t going very far.”

He said  he has no interest in getting in touch with the person who donated his liver.

“I’m very grateful to the family but I don’t know who they are. I know a woman who was younger than myself."

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