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‘I was afraid we would topple over’ – Passenger’s fear as Irish Rail train tilts close to flood waters

A passenger has described the moment she feared her train would topple over as it tilted during a recent journey.

Laura Gaynor was travelling by train to Carrick On Shannon after the recent flooding.

The train began to tilt – which is perfectly safe – however the flood waters swamping the nearby fields made it appear more dramatic.

“I was afraid we were about to topple over into the Shannon”, Laura said.

“At least the wifi held up”, she joked.

Irish Rail spokesman Barry Kenny explained the section of the rail involved is on a curve, and that one rail is slightly higher than the other - causing the slight tilt.

"It wouldn’t ordinarily be noticed as much by customers, but that area had been flooded up until yesterday, so we’re operating at reduced speed through it at the moment", he added.

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