Sunday 18 March 2018

'I thought my time was up' - Cork mother shot from car window with pellet gun

Incident was reported to police
Incident was reported to police

A CORK mother was left traumatised after being shot from a car window with a pellet gun in the middle of the day.

The mother from Cork, Sarah, told Neil Prenderville on RedFm that she thought her “time was up” was a man pointed a gun at her in Blackpool in England, where she lives, on Wednesday.

“I was out walking with my friend and came up to the crossroads at Watercourse road. We were just standing there waiting to cross and this van just pulled up with a gun out the window and pointed it. We just looked at each other, we didn’t know if it was real or what it was. The light changed and just before they sped off I got a sting in my leg. It was a pellet.

“I thought my time was up. I got an awful fright,” she said.

Sarah said that while the pellet was plastic, it went “through her leggings and left a mark”.

“The one that got me was plastic but it went through my leg. It stung badly at the time but it’s grand now. It was stinging enough to bring tears to my eyes.

“Thank God it was me and not a young child or an elderly person.”

She said the man who shot her was around 18-years-old and was in the passenger seat of a white van.

“I’d say he thought it was very funny. I got an awful fright. I’m still shaking. I walk around Blackpool a lot but I don’t think I will again.

“If I see a small white van now I’ll be running the other way.”

Sarah said that she was in “pain and shock” and didn’t get the registration of the car as it sped off.

“I rang the police when I got home they said I should have rang 999 straight afterwards. I wasn’t thinking. I just wanted to get home.”

Blackpool police confirmed that a child with a BB gun shot a woman but are not investigating the incident as no major injury occurred.

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