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Saturday 20 January 2018

I still have plenty of money, boasts hoaxer McGeever

Kevin McGeever: ‘lost the plot’
Kevin McGeever: ‘lost the plot’

Paul Williams

KEVIN McGeever, the former millionaire property developer who faked his own kidnapping in a bid to get creditors off his back, has bragged to gardai that he still has "plenty of money".

Despite already admitting to detectives in Galway that his claim of being abducted and held for eight months was made up, he was sticking to his original kidnap story when he was interviewed by officers in Dublin two weeks ago.

The 68-year-old, who owes creditors millions and is being investigated for fraud in several countries, is now facing a second investigation for wasting garda time.

It follows a recent incident when his solicitor contacted gardai in Clontarf to report that his client had received death threats from a creditor owed €650,000.

When he was interviewed by detectives, he claimed the businessman had threatened his life over the money he gave him to invest in property abroad that never existed.

Mr McGeever arranged a meeting with the creditor in Clontarf and gardai moved in, but they soon realised the man was innocent.

Gardai took a statement of complaint from the man last week with a view to charging Mr McGeever with wasting their time.

Officers in Gort, Co Galway, who investigated his abduction claims are awaiting a decision from the DPP on whether to charge him with a similar offence after he admitted staging the kidnap ruse when he was arrested in March.

Mr McGeever said he staged his disappearance in the belief that it would get investors off his back.

He lost more than seven stone after disappearing in May last year, and carved the word "tief" into his forehead with a sharp object in a bid to stand up his story. Gardai believe he spent the time living between an apartment in Clontarf, his mansion in Craughwell, Co Galway, and a house in Mayo.

Officers in Dublin realised McGeever was lying about the death threats when he repeated his claims that his abduction story was true when they interviewed him two weeks ago. A senior source said: "He seems to have lost the plot because it didn't occur to him that it's already known he admitted his kidnap story was made up.


"When he was asked does he have any money left, he laughed and said he had plenty of money."

Mr McGeever is facing a raft of High Court actions from clients who invested money with him to buy property which he either did not own or which did not exist.

In April, another businessman had a High Court demand for €852,000 served on him.

The man said he invested the money with Mr McGeever, whose partner Siobhan O'Callaghan has terminal cancer, as part of a major property deal in Dubai which never materialised.

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