Sunday 22 September 2019

'I said 'please don't ring my mother'' - Al Porter revealed three of his classmates claimed he sexually assaulted them

Comedian Al Porter
Comedian Al Porter
Comedian Al Porter Picture: David Conachy
Al Porter. Photo: Gerry Mooney
Al Porter. Pic: Mark Condren
Al Porter has resigned from Today FM Newsdesk Newsdesk

Broadcaster Al Porter revealed he was accused of sexually assaulting three young people in his secondary school when he was in transition year.

In a lengthy interview with comedian Des Bishop, Porter said his father was called into school when the students made the allegations.

The interview appeared on Bishop’s website, but was taken down last Thursday, the Sunday World reports.

Porter has stood down from Today FM following allegations of inappropriate behaviour, insisting that he was completely taken aback by the reports.

St Patrick's Hospital has said it was investigating a complaint following claims made by a former patient about the Tallaght comedian.

It has also emerged that gardaí are investigating Porter (24) in relation to the alleged sexual assault of a man in his late teens.

The male teenager has alleged that the incident occurred at a social event in Dublin city centre in the last year.

He told Des Bishop: “When we were in transition year, guys were like slapping each other on the ass and like f***ing grabbing each other and I was doing it too.”

“But three guys went to my guidance counsellor’s room and he was like: 'Hey, we actually know that you weren’t and we totally don’t think that there was anything wrong here, but as a matter of course, we have to tell your parents'.”

“So I said 'please don’t ring my mother'.”

“They rang my dad and he came and he just kind of listened and was like, ‘right, good, let’s never talk about this again’.”

Porter claimed that the three students later apologised to him for making the complaints. He said all three of the complainants have been to see his shows.

“One of the guys turned out to be gay and said that he was really ashamed about it and was just kind of trying to deflect.”

“The other two guys said that they were just trying to get me in trouble; that I was too much of a goody two shoes and they just didn’t like it.”

Porter also tells Bishop that he had a number of sexual encounters with other pupils when he was in secondary school in Tallaght, West Dublin

Porter also said that because he is up-front about his sexual encounters, no newspapers would be able to find any “dirt” on him.

He added in the Podcast: “I feel guilt is exhausting. Like honestly, for the emotions you can feel, guilt and shame are exhausting. And I also think one of the worst feelings you can ever feel in real life is getting caught out. That has to be one of the worst feelings. It’s somebody going ‘hey, I know you did this thing and you don’t want people to know and I have this thing over you’.”

“As an adult, I said nobody will ever have dirt on me because I’m just going to own it.”

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