Friday 24 November 2017

'I had to go back into hospital for a second brain scan' - RTE star Eoghan McDermott reveals aftermath of vicious unprovoked attack

Cian Murray

RADIO and television presenter Eoghan McDermott has revealed that a vicious attack on St Stephen's Day left him with a severe concussion and several other injuries.

McDermott told Joe Duffy on RTÉ Radio One's Liveline that he was trying to get a taxi home after a visit to The Laurels pub in Clondalkin when the incident happened.

Eoghan McDermott shared this picture with his new girlfriend Aoife on Instagram
Eoghan McDermott shared this picture with his new girlfriend Aoife on Instagram

He said : "I just went to see [friends in Clondalkin] and wish them happy Christmas and whatnot. I was leaving a pub there... [I ] left the pub and was on the phone to my girlfriend walking towards a taxi rank and I don't remember anything after that until I was up in Tallaght hospital.

"As per my girlfriend's account, she heard a yell on the phone, then there was silence, then about 30 seconds later another girl picked up the phone that I had dropped and said I had been attacked from behind and was unconcious. My girlfriend asked that girl to stay with me and she rang my friends who were in the pub and they came out and got me to hospital."

Initial symptoms suggested there could be lasting affects from the attack.

"I was [at the hospital] for probably 10 or 11 hours and I had a brain scan and thankfully it came back all clear, but my tooth was knocked through my lip and I was all bust up and I couldn't see properly and I was all nauseous and whatnot. After the scan I started vomiting pretty violently and they said that was a tell-tail sign so I'd have to stay in for some observation, but I was ultimately released.

"I went home for a day, my vision started to go... I had a ringing in my ears and my head was absolutely pounding. My girlfriend is actually a doctor and she said "we should bring you back to hospital" so I went back and had another brain scan and took in fluids and painkillers and whatnot. In the end they said... it is just a severe concussion."

Although there will be no lasting side-effects, McDermott was told that it will take three to four weeks before his symptoms subside.

The DJ added that he was particularly startled by the "unprovoked nature" of the attack and has since made a statement to the Gardaí. The girl who picked up his phone said she saw two suspects running away from the scene.

"I went and made my formal statement yesterday... There are a lot of cameras in the area, but it depends whether it falls into a blind-spot, whether they can identify the person" he added.

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