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Monday 19 February 2018

‘I felt like an action hero in Fair City fire’ – says Damien actor Maclean Burke

Dramatic scenes in Fair City as Tommy gets trapped
Dramatic scenes in Fair City as Tommy gets trapped
Fair City - Caoimhe desperately cries for help
Damien and Caoimhe realise they are caught in the fire
Luke realises Tommy is trapped and goes to help

He was at the centre of Fair City’s explosive fire scene last night.

And actor Maclean Burke who plays Damien says filming the inferno reminded him of working with Oscar winning director Stephen Spielberg.

“I did Saving Private Ryan like a hundred million years ago,” he said. “There were loads of stunts in that and it was great fun,” he said. “Obviously Fair City isn’t on the same scale but it brought Saving Private Ryan back to me.”

“I felt like some sort of action hero when we filmed the fire scene because we did all the stunts. I had torn my Achilles’ tendon so I was still on the one leg at that stage. I got to open up a door and get blown back. It was amazing.”

“To be honest that was the most exciting thing we have ever done in RTE – they finally threw a few bob at it,” he added.

“We stepped out of RTE studios and went to john Player studios on the South Circular and there was a crowd called team FX that came in.”

And with the stifling flames, things got pretty hot on set. “It was the real deal – actual fire on set. There was this moment when I’m being walked through this hallway with Aoibhinn McCaul holding me up,” Maclean recalled.

“And we had to stop and I felt my leg getting hot and when we got to the other side, the whole trouser leg was burnt all the way up. I wasn’t burnt or anything. I’m an adrenalin junkie so I loved it.”

Maclean is a familiar face on RTE but next week he’ll have a starring role on TV3’s new series Celebrity Apprentice.

According to Maclean RTE were more than happy letting him appear on the rival station challenge.

“I had to run it through RTE and I wasn’t sure how that was going to go. But they were really responsive to it and thought it was a great idea.”

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