Saturday 18 November 2017

I don't like the name 'Biffo', says Cowen

Fiach Kelly

Taoiseach Brian Cowen yesterday revealed he's not too fond of the nickname 'Biffo'.

Mr Cowen said there is no need for him to be called 'Biffo'. It stands for 'big ignorant f***** from Offaly'.

"I don't like it to be honest, and I don't think there is any need for it.

"I do come from middle Ireland, but middle Ireland is a state of mind as much as about geography and I think people are far more discerning than they are given credit for by elements of the commentariat," he told Shannonside Northern Sound Radio yesterday.

In a rare glimpse into his private life, Mr Cowen also said some of the criticism and bad publicity he gets from the media didn't get him, or his family, down.

He said they never allow "these things to upset us or upset anyone because if you do people like that win and they just keep it up".

"You have got to say to people: 'Look, isolate it for what it is, don't give it any significance, ignore it, make sure it does not hurt you and doesn't worry you, get on with it,'" Mr Cowen added.

"Genuinely, I think my children and my wife, certainly in most cases, have been able to deal with it that way."

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