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'I don't know what to tell my kids' - Dad diagnosed with brain tumour waiting four months for MRI results


Beaumont Hospital. Photo: Collins

Beaumont Hospital. Photo: Collins

Beaumont Hospital. Photo: Collins

A dad has expressed his frustration after being diagnosed with a brain tumour and forced to wait over four months for his MRI results.

Eamon Kavanagh was diagnosed with a brain tumour on September 19 at Vincent's Hospital in Dublin and was referred to Beaumont Hospital for a second MRI.

Mr Kavanagh told Joe Duffy on RTÉ's Liveline that he hasn't heard back from the hospital since his second MRI on October 4.

"The problem is that nobody can get any information back from Beaumont. I got through to a PA, but there's no communication. My doctor hasn't told anyone to send me a letter or to re-arrange another appointment or consultation about the findings," Mr Kavanagh told Joe Duffy.

He said he contacted his GP and St Vincent's Hospital, who both tried to get information from Beaumont.

"I just want some news. It's frozen at the moment. What do I say to my children and partner? I have no new information. It's a horrible situation.

"I want something, anything."

Mr Kavanagh explained that even if the brain tumour should be monitored regularly.

"If one more person says no news is good news, I'll scream.

"I was considering going up to Beaumont screaming clutching my head to get someone to see me. I'm running out of options."

Mr Kavanagh said that he's not worried but he'd like to know what he's dealing with.

"My world has changed but I want to know what it's changed into to."

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