Wednesday 13 December 2017

I don't do the celeb kid thing, says Lottie as she follows dad Gerry to land TV job


"I COME from a totally normal family, I don't go out and do the whole celebrity kid thing that some people do. It's not really up our street -- and it's certainly not the way we were brought up." So says Lottie Ryan, the daughter of RTE 'shock-jock' Gerry.

The ambitious brunette has plenty of experience as a Very Important Child (VIC), being the firstborn of one of RTE's best-known broadcasters.

But despite protestations against being a VIC herself, the media graduate is now set to follow in his footsteps after landing a gig presenting a TV series called Life As A VIC.

The 24 year old has already shot the pilot and is hoping it will air as early as this autumn. "It's a weekly series which focuses on the children of famous people very like The Hills or The City and I will be hanging out with them for a day and not paying attention to cameras.

"The pilot wasn't my idea. Midas Productions rang me and asked me to present the programme as they thought the kids involved might be more willing to open up and communicate with someone who they can relate to, as opposed to someone they feel is just prying," said the daughter of one of Ireland's highest-paid broadcasters.

Eight people are so far confirmed for the MTV interview-style programme, including Zac Jordan, Brenda Meaney, Rosanna Davison, Chloe Agnew, Rachel Kavanagh, and one or two from abroad.

"Being fresh out of college and being asked to host it is amazing. My dad thinks it's a great idea because everyone will have preconceived ideas of what kids of celebrities are like, and for some people they will live up to those stereotypical brandings, but others won't, so it all depends. It has so much public interest and will be exciting for me to see how these VICs, who are in the same circumstances as me, live, but yet I don't know any of them," said the 2FM DJ's daughter.

Being the child of a celebrity for Lottie is a bit of good and bad. "I don't really have anything to base it against because I have never known anything else. There are great perks such as getting free tickets for concerts and fun things like this. But then there can be intrusion into your private life and that's not great, but it doesn't bother me the way it might someone else, purely because that's all I'm used to-- I'm used to people wanting to pry," she said.

But while Lottie, otherwise known as Charlotte, says that both high-profile parents -- whose marriage-break up led to huge media interest -- are extremely encouraging about her career path, her success, so far, is all down to her own hard work,she says, and not her connections.

"I have come across so many people that don't want anything to do with me because I'm the daughter of Gerry Ryan and they are under the impression that I feel I can just waltz in and do as I please. People haven't said that straight to my face, but I'm not stupid, I know how to read people and get impressions. I went to college, I did my five years, got my degree, then interned.

"I did the hard work that everyone is supposed to do and I'm not going to lie and say doors aren't opened for you, of course they are and that's amazing, but if I don't have something to back it up with, the criticism will be twice as hard on me, so I nearly have to double-prove myself really," she said.

Overall she finds it's great being the daughter of Gerry Ryan.

"We are really close, but the negatives are part and parcel of how I have been living for 24 years now, so I only really see the positives. He is an unbelievable dad and teaches us such a good work ethic," she said.

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