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'I died three times, they brought me back to life' - Liveline caller wants to find his roadside life-savers


Joe Duffy

Joe Duffy

Joe Duffy

A Liveline caller has appealed for help in identifying the three people who saved his life - after he "died three times".

Patrick Sweeney (60), who is living in Wexford, suffered a cardiac arrest on Friday, December 7 while driving in south Dublin.

He crashed into the car in front of him, which happened to be driven by a doctor.

The doctor, along with two paramedics who arrived on the scene within minutes, provided CPR to Patrick until an ambulance arrived.

Speaking on RTE Radio One's Liveline today, Patrick told Joe Duffy that he would like to thank these people personally.

"The doctor and two paramedics brought me back to life and kept me there until an ambulance arrived and brought me to St James's," he said.

"I don't remember crashing into her, at that stage I was gone.

"She jumped out, my adult son was in the car with me, she knew it was serious and she helped my son get me out of the car.

"It was a female doctor, I have no idea what age she is, this is only what I've been told, I've never seen her.

"I don't know what happened, Joe," he continued, "they were just there in the right place at the right time and, if they weren't, I wouldn't be here today."

Patrick remained in a coma for three days after the incident and had two stents put in.

"I died three times, these three people brought me back to life.

"When I woke up, I hadn't a clue what happened, or anything else, but I was alive.

"I had no memories whatsoever, and there was nothing to indicate that there was any problem whatsoever."

Patrick said he "keeled over" in the car when he suffered the cardiac arrest, and said his son thought he was "joking" until he crashed into the car in front of them.

"Lucky all round Joe, lucky all round," he said.

Patrick believes the doctor's name may be Dr Ashlyn/Ashling Lou/Loy, but said the insurance company could not share her details due to GDPR.

Patrick is now recovering at home after two weeks in hospital and said he is getting stronger everyday.

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