Friday 19 April 2019

I didn't mean to hurt, stab or kill victim, murder trial told

Bronagh Murphy

THE man accused of murdering a Google executive told gardai he was not a violent person and had not meant to stab or kill the victim, a court heard.

Dane Pearse also told gardai in the hours following the incident that "a maniac was running around stabbing people" but revised his remarks later that day.

Mr Pearse (21) of Londonbridge Drive, Irishtown, Dublin, has pleaded not guilty at the Central Criminal Court to murdering Mark Spellman (26) from Dalkey at Londonbridge Road, Irishtown, on August 4 2007.

Detective Garda Damien Boland said that Mr Pearse made a voluntary statement to him at Saint Vincent's Hospital on the afternoon after the incident. Det Gda Boland said the accused was aware that Mr Spellman had died when he made the statement.

Mr Pearse told gardai that he had been heading home from the pub with his girlfriend and that they had been messing and chasing each other. They had earlier been drinking at a pub in Ringsend and had stopped at a Chinese takeaway so Mr Pearse could buy curry chips.

He said he had drunk two bottles of cider at home, then had five pints of cider and four vodka and Red Bulls in the pub.

Mr Pearse said his girlfriend was running ahead of him as they turned into Londonbridge Drive where he lived. He said a fella shouted "what are youse doing jogging" and an altercation followed. Mr Pearse then went into his own house and took a souvenir baton and a knife from his bedroom. He ran back out to frighten the man and saw three or four lads outside having a "laugh and a joke".

He said one of the men said "look, it's the big man with the baton". He said he stopped, as he had expected them to run, but instead they ran towards him. He said one man grabbed the baton from him and a man who had kicked him in the chest pushed him through a garden gate. Mr Pearse said this man landed on top of him and was smacking his head off the ground. He said that was when the knife went in. The man stopped moving and Mr Pearse got up and went home.


He realised at home that he was bleeding and screamed for an ambulance. He said he had not meant to hurt, stab or kill Mr Spellman. He said it should never have happened.

Pearse said he was not a violent man, and only "once in a blue moon" had been involved in fights. The jury heard that Mr Pearse had an 11-month old-child with his girlfriend and lived with his mother and uncle. He worked part time for Aiken Promotions.

A statement from Dr Justin Curran, who treated the deceased in hospital, was read into evidence.

Dr Curran said Mr Spellman had suffered two stab wounds to his abdomen and attempts were made to resuscitate him for 50 minutes before he was pronounced dead at 3.25am. The court heard that Mr Pearse had suffered a deep wound to his forearm and was also treated in hospital.

Mr Pearse also spoke to Garda Valerie Farrell while waiting to receive treatment for his wound. He told her that he was aware that another man had been stabbed that night and said "there's a maniac going around stabbing people".

The hearing will continue on Monday afternoon before Mr Justice Paul Carney and a jury of six men and six women.

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