Tuesday 23 January 2018

‘I can’t even walk properly anymore’ – male stripper brutally attacked by three men

The damage to the car
The damage to the car
The damage to the car
The damage to the car
Renoir Taha

Meadhbh McGrath

A male stripper has told of how he was brutally beaten by three men wearing ski masks while on his way to a job at the weekend.

Renoir Taha (30), originally from Turkey but based in Dublin, was heading to the job in Co Louth on Saturday evening with his girlfriend when he was attacked by three men brandishing steel bars.

Speaking on RTE Radio One’s 'Liveline', he said he couldn’t find the house he had been booked to visit.

When he tried to call the woman who had made the booking, a male voice answered and told him to wait in the housing estate.

“When I was waiting, three guys came in a black car. Two of them came to my side of the car, and one of them went to the passenger side.

“He asked me to get out of the car, and as soon as I got out the guy was aiming to hit me, so I jumped back into the car.

Renoir Taha
Renoir Taha

“My girlfriend was already out of the car, she ran out because the third guy was hitting the windows with a steel bar, so she ran out and started screaming for help,” he said.

After his girlfriend had escaped, the men targeted Renoir and began to beat him with the bar, as he rushed back inside the car.

“At first, I thought it was a robbery but they weren’t trying to take my phone or my car, they were aiming to hit me.”

He managed to crawl out of the passenger side and started running as well.

The damage to the car
The damage to the car

As his girlfriend called for help, several residents of the estate came out of their homes, but Renoir said they merely looked on.

“I called the Gardaí myself and when they came, we were completely in shock.

“The three men fled, and they have not been caught,” he added.

Renoir works a minimum of five jobs every Saturday, each lasting between 15-25 minutes, and charges €100 per job.

Donning costumes such as a police uniform, he travels all over the country for his work, visiting houses, pubs and hotels to perform for groups of women and men.

“Most of them are hen parties and birthday parties. I sometimes do baby showers, but that’s very rare,” he added.

“I am very professional, I don’t head off with any girls. I respect the women, they are just there to have a good time, not some weird guy coming up and trying to get with them.

“I have good feedback, I always try to make the best out of it and ensure the girls are enjoying it to the maximum.”

Renoir is unable to return to work immediately due to his injuries.

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