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'I can hear scratching when I'm lying in bed' - mother living in rat-infested 'ghost estate'


Rats pictured in the attic Photo: Liveline

Rats pictured in the attic Photo: Liveline

Rats pictured in the attic Photo: Liveline

A mother living in a Co Wexford estate says her home is infested with rats and the "constant scratching" noises leave her son lying awake at night.

Aoife, who lives in the house with her partner and nine-year-old son, told RTÉ Radio 1's Liveline about their "horrific" experience.

Their home is one of nine houses built in an estate in Enniscorthy during the boom and they have had a constant problem with rats in the attic over the past few months.

"Where I live, there are eight houses alongside me but they are all unoccupied... money went wrong and these houses were never finished. There are openings coming in from those houses straight into mine, and we believe that's how the rats are getting in," she said.

She explained how she doesn't know who owns the properties at present.

"Ive been told by some people the developers still have them, I've been told by other people that NAMA have taken them over, so I don't even know who to go after any more... we have been to pest control three times. They've done everything they can do."

In a statement to Independent.ie, NAMA say they have no involvement with the property.

Aoife's son suffers from ADHD and aspergers and she said that the rat infestation has left him lying awake at night crying.

"He hears these noises in the attic and he starts crying. I've tried explaining to him hundreds of times that they're only rats in the attic, they can't get down to us," she said.

"When we found the problem the first time, we got a funny smell in the house and it went on for days and days and it actually smelled like something was dead.

"So my partner went up into the attic and went through the insulation and there was ten of them dead... They also ate the wires going into my boiler and I had to replace all that. When you're lying in bed, you can hear the scratching."

She said the county council have been very cooperative and are trying to rectify the issue.

"It's such a shame as it's a lovely estate. I've been told I'm not going to get rid of the rats until those houses are finished or gone."

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