Saturday 18 November 2017

'I am fuming ... hundreds are in danger'

Longboat Quay resident Seamus Pullen
Longboat Quay resident Seamus Pullen
Conor Feehan

Conor Feehan

A long-time resident of Longboat Quay expressed his shock and anger at being told he would have to pay up to €18,000 to get the problems sorted.

"Like everyone else in the country, we watched with sadness and anger as the people of Priory Hall were put through hell over a problem that was not their fault; now we find ourselves potentially in the same position," said Seamus Pullen.

He bought his apartment for €245,000 under the affordable housing scheme seven years ago.

"Within six months I noticed the mould growing on the walls, and I contacted everyone from the DDDA (Dublin Docklands Development Authority) and the management committee to local councillors and TDs but nothing was done," he said.

"I got letters where different sides were passing the blame to others and it ended up going around in circles."

He added: "It is very stressful to be told that if you don't pay this money we could all be evacuated. Now they're saying there is no immediate risk of that happening, but the problem still needs to be sorted... Why is the cost of this being pushed onto us? This is not a problem of our making," he said.

"I could only buy the apartment because I got it on the affordable housing scheme because I'm on a low wage. I barely scrape the money together to pay for it. Where do they think I can get €18,000 from," he asked.

"I'm absolutely fuming and disgusted with McNamara and the DDDA over this. Hundreds of people are in danger," he added.

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