Monday 19 March 2018

Hutch mob has new boss as The Monk lies low on the continent but there is no money left to hire hitman

Gerry 'The Monk' happy to let old pal take the reins as he lies low on Continent

Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch who is trying to dodge a cartel hitman
Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch who is trying to dodge a cartel hitman

Ken Foy

A veteran criminal has taken the reins of the ailing Hutch gang and has told pals his top priority is to kill Kinahan mobster Liam Byrne - a murder he believes will stop the feud in its tracks.

However, the deluded middle-aged man, who has been arrested in relation to the Regency Hotel bloodbath, is understood to have no money to put his plans into operation or hire a hitman.

The man, a very close associate of Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch, who is more than happy to let his old pal pick up the reins, has taken control of the gang in Dublin and has identified Byrne as his top target for murder.

Sources have told the Herald that the mobster believes it is a case of "kill or be killed" and that only the murder of Byrne will stop the bloody feud that has so far claimed 11 lives.

The new boss has survived a number of botched hits and is under constant garda surveillance at his Dublin home.

"The so-called new boss doesn't care about Daniel Kinahan or anyone else in the cartel - he just wants Liam dead," a senior source said.

"But the cartel already blame him for being involved in the Regency attack.

"Sure the gardai do as well, but they don't have enough to charge him.

"He is in way above his head now and the reality is it will be very hard for him to carry out his plans or for anyone on the other side to get near him."


Gerry Hutch was regarded as the de facto leader of the Hutchs, but he now spends his time jumping from country to country around mainland Europe in a desperate bid to dodge the Kinahan hitman tasked with whacking the convicted robber.

Gerry is also wanted by gardai for questioning in relation to the Regency Airport Hotel attack on February 5, last year, where Liam Byrne's brother David (33) was shot dead.

Gerry's nephew Patrick Hutch Jnr (25) has been charged with David Byrne's murder.

David Byrne was the younger brother of key cartel figure Liam, from Crumlin, who gardai suspect has been driving much of the feud-related violence.

Daniel Kinahan was the intended target of the Regency attack, but he managed to evade the hit team's bullets, leaving the boxing weigh-in just seconds after the gunmen burst into the hotel.

The new boss of the Hutch mob is close to Gerry and in constant contact with him, it is suspected.

Gerry spent the Christmas period hiding out in a mob safe house north of the bor- der, but is now thought to be based in continental Europe.

The 53-year-old, who is the number one target for the Kinahan cartel, hasn't been seen in Ireland since the funeral of murdered brother Eddie Hutch Snr in 2016.

Gerry is believed to be happy with his associate running things as he thinks it will take the pressure off him.

However, sources confirmed to the Herald that he will always be at the top of the cartel's hit list because of his role as the figurehead of the mob.

The last major incident linked to the feud was the attempted murder of Hutch mob gangster James 'Mago' Gately (30) who had a miracle escape when he was shot multiple times at a north Dublin petrol station earlier this month.


'Mago' is still receiving treatment at Beaumont Hospital where he is under armed guard by gardai who fear he may be targeted again by the cartel.

Gately, who is a prime target of the Kinahans because of his friendship with slain Gary Hutch, had just visited his partner in north Dublin when he was targeted at the Topaz petrol station on the Clonshaugh Road.

The Hutch associate had been hiding out in Northern Ireland because of the active threat on his life and was sitting in a Northern-registered Ford Mondeo when he was shot.

While Gately is suspected of having a stash of cash, his veteran associate is said to "not to have a pot to p*** in".

"This man is fighting a losing battle in many ways, but he is determined to keep up the fight even though he has no money. It is personal to him," a source said.

"But he has barely any wriggle room left. Sure how could he when he was under the constant watch of gardai?"

The Hutch gang have been weakened by the Kinahans who have relentlessly targeted them.

"A lot of criminals around Dublin have joined the Kinahans' side out of pure fear that if they don't they'll be targeted themselves. The other crowd simply don't have the cash. The cartel really is that powerful."


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