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Hurt dog kicked to death

THE children who kicked a little dog to death had hunted it down after it was accidentally struck by a car.

The brutal attack, which happened in Co Donegal last Thursday, has caused an outcry among the public and animal-welfare groups.

Now the man who exposed the awful attack by three children aged between just five and 11 has revealed an even more sinister twist to the horrific episode.

The man, who only called himself Paul for fear of a backlash, revealed how the little dog was hit by a car and injured before being kicked to death.

He said: "I have been contacted since by a woman who said she saw the dog being hit by a car. That may be so, but I know what I saw.

"The dog was still alive as far as I could see before these kids got their hands on it. I will never forget what I saw. They didn't just give it a kick. They, all three of them, danced up and down on it in turns. I still feel sick thinking about it."

Stephen Maguire


Sunday Independent