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Thursday 19 September 2019

Hurler Peter Casey 'moving on' after posting drug test to 'clear his name' over video controversy

Limerick hurler Peter Casey. Photo by Diarmuid Greene/Sportsfile
Limerick hurler Peter Casey. Photo by Diarmuid Greene/Sportsfile

Sorcha O'Connor and David Raleigh

Limerick hurler Peter Casey has said the social media controversy which led him to take a drug test to 'clear' his name has been "dealt with, it's finished".

A short mobile video emerged earlier this week showing Casey socialising in a pub over the weekend - and appears to show him receive something into his hand from a male friend before pocketing it and carrying on dancing.

Amid growing speculation online, Casey posted a message in a WhatsApp group to fellow players and friends stating his friend handed him "change" after buying a round of drinks.

The Na Piarsaigh player then posted a copy of a drug test from an independent body to the group. Yesterday, he spoke to the Irish Independent briefly to say that he had clarified everything in the group.

"I wont be making any comment," he said. "There is enough clarification on it (the WhatsApp group)."

He added that from his point of view "it has been dealt with, it's finished".

In the WhatsApp group, Casey wrote: "Well boys, I'm sure ye have all seen the video on social media of me in the last few days and I'd just like to reassure ye that it's not what it looks like. Since it's happened, myself and the 3 lads have completed a drugs test and results have all come back clear."

"I would like to post my own drug test results which was taken from an independent body, known as EHA, on the 27th of August, which shows conclusive evidence," he stated.

A photo of the "negative" drug test result, stamped by a doctor and dated August 28, 2019, was also shared by Casey.

The results form, signed by a named specialist occupational physician, also states Casey attended "for the purposes of a urinary drug screen" by "consent".

The result is "self evident, ie negative", it states.

Casey said he also secured cctv footage from the night to help resolve the controversy.

He stated: "We've also received video footage from the night in question which shows my friend, coming from the bar with the drinks and hands me my change.

"I would like to think that ye would all know me long enough, and well enough to know that these accusations are totally false!!

"I'd really appreciate it if ye could send these videos and the pictures into yere different WhatsApp groups to try and clear my name. Thanks Boys," the message concluded.

A spokesman for the Limerick GAA County Board, as well as a spokesman for Na Piarsaigh GAA Club, each said they had "no comment" to make about the controversy.

Another source close to Casey said the player had "made a statement", and that the matter had been "blown out of all proportion".

"There's been enough said about it now," they added.

A reliable GAA source said Casey was "moving on" and felt he had "fully cleared his name".

Another source added: "He's blasted the rumours now.

"He's hit the back of the net with the result of the drugs test."

Casey is a much-decorated player with club and county.

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