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Hunt for sex attacker

GARDAI are hunting a young man who sexually assaulted a woman as she walked home in a west Cork town.

The incident occurred between 1am and 3am on 98 Street in Skibbereen, Co Cork, last Saturday evening. The victim was walking home alone after socialising with friends. She was approached from behind by her attacker who grabbed her and sexually assaulted her. However, the young woman courageously fought back and was able to shout out, causing her attacker to panic and flee the scene on foot.


AN angler is "lucky" to be alive after becoming stranded off rocks. The man was spotted by a passerby who saw him cut off on an outcrop near Malin Head, Co Donegal, last night. The Sligo Rescue 118 helicopter was scrambled to the scene and the fisherman was brought ashore to safety.

"It happened just before dark so he (the angler) was lucky that someone saw him and raised the alarm," said a Malin Head Coast Guard spokesman.


Four species of sea creatures previously unknown to science have been discovered in deep water off the disputed islet of Rockall, 400km off the north west coast of Ireland.

Marine Scotland, a governmental environment agency, says its scientists have found one new species of large sea snail (Volutopsius scotiae), two new kinds of clams (Thyasira scotiae and Isorropodon mackayi), and a previously unknown marine worm (currently unnamed, but belonging to the genus Antonbrunnia).


A soup kitchen service has reported a big rise in the number of people coming in for a meal.

Twist Soup Kitchens saw a 100pc increase in its mobile service on last year, sending out enough food to feed 400 families in December. Yesterday, the service opened another soup kitchen in Ballina, Co Mayo, to cope with demand.


A charity set up in memory of murdered Swiss teenager Manuela Riedo has raised over €135,000 for Galway projects in the past three years. Organisations which received funds from the charity include the Galway Rape Crisis Centre, Rape Crisis Network Ireland and Children at Risk Ireland.

The charity was set up following the murder of 17-year-old Manuela while she was on brief visit to Galway for a language course in 2007. Gerald Barry is serving a life sentence for her murder.

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