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Tuesday 12 December 2017

Hunt for lotto winner

The Spanish city of Coruna has begun a search for the person who missed out on e4.7m by buying a winning lottery ticket but leaving it behind in the shop.

The winning ticket for June 30, 2012, was kept for a year in the lost and found box, but the shopkeeper decided to scan it before dumping it.


A woman stranded for 16 days in an abandoned well in China has said she shouted for help every day and began to lose hope, but managed to survive on corn and rainwater.

Su Qixiu (48) was gathering herbs when she fell into the well in a village in Henan province on September 1. Her family searched for her, but she was found on Monday by a passer-by.


Life on Earth will continue for up to three billion years but humans will die out far sooner, scientists have said.

Researchers say our planet's increasing proximity to the sun will eventually result in soaring temperatures, the seas drying up and the extinction of life. But according to a study by the University of East Anglia, in Norwich, man-made climate change will make human life impossible long before and our best chance of survival would be to relocate to another planet.


A Swedish Abba fan put his collection of more than 25,000 albums, posters and other memorabilia up for auction in Stockholm.

Thomas Nordin's stash of Abba items, collected over 40 years, sold for £53,000 with a rare vinyl record from 1981 fetching £5,000. Bidders from around the world also went for Abba Barbie dolls, bags, soaps, clogs, posters and an extensive collection of newspaper clippings.


BBC news presenter Simon McCoy left viewers baffled when he presented a report while carrying a stack of photocopier paper - after mistaking it for an iPad.

The broadcaster (51) was doing a piece to camera with the refill pack of A4 paper clearly visible in his hands.


A Chinese official has been sacked after a video showed him complaining about the ingratitude of ordinary Chinese while he ate lobster and drank expensive liquor, in the latest instance of government excess to spark anger.

A video on Chinese social media sites, captured Liang Wenyong, the Communist party secretary of Gushanzi town as he consumed costly food and drink while castigating fellow Chinese.

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