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Hundreds walk in memory of Peggy Mangan


Peggy Mangan

Peggy Mangan

Peggy Mangan

Family and friends of the late Peggy Mangan have held a special fundraiser to raise money for an Alzheimers outreach unit.

Peggy (65) went missing on September 24 last year and was found dead four days later with her loyal dog Casper by her side. Casper died a few hours afterwards.

Her daughters Orla and Louise set up the Peggy Mangan Foundation after her death and have so far raised €37,000.

Some 270 joined a charity walk today, which the family hoped would raise the rest of the money needed to get an Alzheimers outreach unit on the road to help families with loved ones suffering from Alzheimers.

Peggy, who suffered from Alzheimers, left her home on Mount Tallant Avenue in Terenure for one of her many daily walks with her beloved dog Casper. Her body was found by a small group of volunteers on the far side of the city near Finglas four days later.

Faithful Casper was lying beside Peggy's body, weakened and badly dehydrated and within hours of help arriving, Casper too died.

Peggy's family believe a dog trained in search and rescue might have made all the difference when their mother went missing. In April they donated Max to the civil defence and in recent weeks Max has helped in the search for missing Finglas pensioner Thomas Kennedy (81).

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