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HSE Savita report upsets grieving husband

THE husband of Savita Halappanavar is not satisfied that an HSE report into her death has gotten to the bottom of why she died.

Praveen Halappanavar is said to be upset by the contents of the report into his wife's death after a miscarriage, with his solicitor saying it contains just one reference to her request for a termination of the pregnancy.

Gerard O'Donnell told the Irish Independent that Mr Halappanavar has refused an invitation to meet the report's authors but said that he would go in his place with a family friend.

According to Mr O'Donnell, the issue of Ms Halappanavar requesting a termination "only arises once" in the report. "My client has always said that this was requested on three occasions," he said.

Mr Halappanavar (34) has said that the couple repeatedly asked for a termination but were refused and has complained previously that there is no record of her requests in her medical records.

Ms Halappanavar later died from septicaemia.

Her death at the age of 31 caused a storm of controversy, reigniting the abortion debate, amid claims by her husband that doctors had said she could not have an abortion because Ireland was a Catholic country.

Mr Halappanavar refused to co-operate with the HSE review of his wife's case saying he would prefer a full public inquiry.

The widower received the final draft report on Friday

Mr O'Donnell said his client "just wants to know why his wife died and the report won't specifically answer that".

A full coroner's inquest into Ms Halappanavar's death is scheduled to start on Monday, April 8.

Irish Independent