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How the postal service has left its stamp on the country in last 20 years

THE postal service has witnessed major changes over the past 20 years since the last change of uniform in 1987.

Then, the cost of a domestic stamp was 24p and fewer than a million letters were sorted by hand and delivered each day.

In 2011, a stamp costs 55c, while twice the volume of mail, around 2.5 million items a day, will be delivered to double the number of addresses due to the building boom.

There are also one-fifth more collection and delivery staff -- around 6,000 -- than when An Post was formed back in 1984 from the old Department of Posts and Telegraphs.

Now, the postal service is dealing with more packet-type mail in larger envelopes, with online shopping witnessing a 15pc increase year-on-year over the past five years.

Irish Independent