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How the garda row unfolded

* May 2012: Mick Wallace is stopped at traffic lights on Dublin's North Circular Road while on his mobile phone. Mr Wallace says he put down the mobile, apologised, and benefited from garda discretion.

* September 2012: Alan Shatter is sent a copy of allegations by the two garda whistleblowers of widespread quashing of penalty points by gardai.

* December 2012: Mick Wallace, Luke 'Ming Flanagan, Clare Daly and Joan Collins hold a press conference highlighting the penalty points issue.

* May 16, 2013: During a debate on the penalty points report on RTE's 'Prime Time', Mr Shatter claimed Mr Wallace was let off with a caution by gardai when he was stopped using a phone while driving. Mr Wallace said he didn't remember any incident.

* May 17, 2013: Mr Wallace again says he is "unaware" of the incident and is going to make a complaint to the Standards in Public Office Commission.

* May 20, 2013: Mr Wallace says he eventually recalled the incident. Mr Shatter confirmed he got this information from a garda briefing on the penalty points issue.

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