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Tuesday 24 April 2018

How the day will unfold

What's going to happen today at the parliamentary party?

Mr Kenny will seek to have a motion of confidence in himself passed by the parliamentary party, which is made up of 51 TDs, 15 senators and four MEPs.

How will the vote be conducted?

By secret ballot. The process will be overseen by Fine Gael parliamentary party chairman Padraic McCormack.

What if Enda wins the vote?

He will survive as leader of Fine Gael. But the crucial factor will be the margin of his victory. If it is a narrow win, he will run the risk of further leadership heaves from Richard Bruton and other members of the party if there are poor results for Fine Gael in future opinion polls.

What if Enda loses the vote?

He will have to resign his position as party leader, but Mr Bruton cannot take control of the party immediately. If another leader should emerge an election will be sparked through the party's electoral college system. If Richard Bruton is the only candidate when nominations close in a week, he will automatically become leader.

What if the vote is tied?

The vote will go to a second round today, and another round if necessary, until someone changes their vote and breaks the tie.

How will a leadership contest work?

Nominations for the leadership must be made within a week of a vacancy arising. Those seeking to have their names put on the ballot paper must have the backing of at least 10pc of the 70 member parliamentary party. The leader will be elected by a weighted voting system. The parliamentary party accounts for 65pc of the total poll. Ordinary members account for a further quarter of the poll, while county and town councillors make up the remaining 10pc.

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