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How the craze has taken hold

FROM highly dangerous stunts to elaborate film parodies, young people across Ireland tried to outdo one another as they took part in the controversial NekNomination craze.

A young man from Galway fulfilled his nomination by drinking a pint of beer on a busy roadside while dressed in a pair of shorts and a baseball cap.

The video then shows the college student leaping over the side of a bridge into a river below, before being carried downstream by the current.

Another young man in Dublin performed a similarly dangerous stunt. He was filmed drinking a bottle containing a variety of alcoholic beverages, combined with a number of sauces.

He is then seen stripping out of a 'onesie' and jumping off a large rock into the ocean below. The man nominates two of his friends to complete the challenge while paddling water.

The odd concoctions were taken to another level by a horserider in Naas who, after riding a horse around a small enclosure, combined a variety of strange ingredients including protein powder, garlic powder and an egg with spirits, ciders and beers.

A young woman from Tallaght received more than 1,300 likes when she stripped down to a pink bikini at a Luas stop in the capital. The Blanchardstown native struggles to finish her pint as a number of people are seen disembarking from the tram.

In Sligo, a Garth Brooks fan posted a video on his Facebook page in which he is seen walking down a busy street at night wearing only underwear as he performs a cover of the country music star's song 'The Dance'.

A large crowd can be seen in the video, and are heard laughing loudly as the man is handed a pint of stout by a friend and drinks it.

Popular films have also been parodied as part of the social media craze.

A young filmmaker fulfilled his nomination dressed as Indiana Jones in an elaborate short film. A Facebook user commented on the video, which includes special effects: "Absolutely fantastic. The Irish film industry is in safe hands."

However, many people have begun to turn against the social media phenomenon after it was blamed for the deaths of two young men.

Videos of people performing random acts of kindness have begun appearing on a Facebook page called 'RAKnominate' in opposition to the dangerous drinking game.

One of the videos depicts a young woman from Dublin, who approaches a customer at a local Tesco supermarket and gives him €100 towards the cost of his shopping. She wrote: "I saw this young guy doing a big food shop with his little kid so I paid for it!"

The generous woman then nominated two friends to complete their own random act of kindness.

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