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How school cutbacks led to near suicide


Ruairi Quinn

Ruairi Quinn

Ruairi Quinn

AN ATTEMPTED suicide by a student has forced a partial row-back on counselling cuts in a major second-level school.

The third-year pupil could not get to see a school counsellor and was hospitalised the next day in a very distressed state.

The principal of the school, which is in Co Wexford, said the boy was now okay and back at school.

But last Monday, a teacher sent an email to Education Minister Ruairi Quinn recounting the series of traumatic events, and warning that "lives are at stake" because of the "counselling crisis".

Shortly afterwards, a Department of Education official called the school and gave 11 additional hours a week for counselling, with immediate effect.

The move exposes Mr Quinn to pressure from other schools demanding concessions to deal with gaps in their counselling service.

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