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Tuesday 21 January 2020

How jobs issue played out on air between Gallagher and Kenny

Pat McGuirk: Sean, in the boom time you created 100 jobs, and how many of them are still in existence? People are sick and tired of hearing about creating jobs, so how many of them are still there?

Sean Gallagher: Well can I say that, yes, we did create 100 jobs, 70 directly in the company and another 30 in other businesses manufacturing sub-supply for us... there are approximately 20 jobs, but the company now, like many companies, has had to reinvent itself.

Pat Kenny: Okay everyone is very praising of President McAleese, and she has been on the trade missions, but if presidents could create jobs she would have done so.

Sean Gallagher: I think you have to understand Mary McAleese, although Mary Robinson has been on a different mission, Mary McAleese was the first person to do this and if you watched the programme recently you would have seen the impact she's making.

Pat Kenny: So how would you do it better than she is doing it?

Sean Gallagher: To continue that work and to grow the role. It's important to understand a very simple recent visit of Queen Elizabeth increased the visitors to Cashel, the Rock of Cashel, by 65 per cent. Let us be aware that the hotels, the restaurants, the bars need to be filled by tourists; a president representing Ireland abroad...

Pat Kenny: Hang on a second Sean, you have to answer this: you had 100 jobs, it's now down to 20...

Sean Gallagher: I'm no longer involved in that company...

Pat Kenny: You're no longer invol-ved. I don't know how many jobs you support now. It's not exactly Microsoft what you've achieved...

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