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How Independent's stories vexed bust developer

PRIORY Hall developer Tom McFeely must be the Irish Independent's biggest fan if his outbursts in court are anything to go by.

Brandishing a photo from this newspaper in the witness box, he railed in the district court at the "nonsense" of being quizzed about his assets -- many of which had not been detailed on sworn statements of assets and liabilities already submitted to the courts.

Many of the potential assets, such as the prospect of a lucrative land deal in Antigua, an apartment block in London as well as properties in Portugal had indeed been highlighted previously by the Irish Independent.

McFeely claims to have a very good memory, but was light on detail about many of his dealings.

When asked to whom he had transferred his shareholding in Coalport -- the company that built Priory Hall -- he said he didn't know who the two, new UK-based shareholders were.

Asked if he had any interest in the McFeely family home in Derry, he admitted that he sometimes lived there but would not reveal who owned it. He says he does not.

Like many failed titans, the bust republican has claimed victimhood.

When asked which one of his brothers had offered to help pay a €24,000 debt, McFeely refused to name the sibling.

"There's only so far anybody can put me down," said the former IRA hunger striker, who also refused to name the solicitor who had transferred his Coalport shareholding to "two guys" in England.

He was particularly vexed about queries regarding a property dispute in London, first revealed by the Irish Independent, and the repossession of his former Ailesbury Road home.

McFeely is challenging his eviction from Ailesbury Road.

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