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How charges add up for drivers

HOLIDAYMAKERS travelling from Galway to Dublin Airport currently pay three tolls -- one at Ballinasloe (€1.90), a second at Kilcock (€2.90) and a third on the M50 (€3).

The new changes will only affect the M50, and could benefit the traveller. If multiple-point tolling is introduced, it will mean the motorway will be split into sections and a charge applied to each.

If, for example, four points were introduced and a charge of 75c applied, it would mean that motorists travelling the full length of the motorway would pay the same rate as they do today.

If only two points were crossed, a lower toll of €1.50 would apply.

However, Cork holidaymakers would be hit harder.

They pay tolls of €1.90 at Fermoy, and €1.80 at Portlaoise. If the N7 is tolled, that will add another charge. But multiple-point tolling on the M50 should cut costs.

The proposed new tolls are:

  • Multiple-point tolling on the M50
  • Access roads to the capital including the M7 (Kildare Road), N11 (Wicklow) and N2 (Monaghan)
  • The Jack Lynch tunnel in Cork
  • Cork southern ring road
  • All new major road schemes

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