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Monday 18 February 2019

Housewife 'didn't want blood on carpet' so Mad Dog spared garda

LYNNE KELLEHER TWO gardai who were held at gunpoint by Dominic 'Mad Dog' McGlinchey have told of their terror for their lives when they were captured by the ruthless assassin.

In a new TG4 documentary on one of the North's most brutal terrorists, former Garda John Dennehy reveals he believes his life was saved because a housewife hiding the INLA chief didn't want blood on her carpet at her house.

While on the run in 1983, the killer and his wife, Mary, held two groups of gardai at gunpoint and stripped them of their uniforms.

Garda John Dennehy told how they stumbled across the fugitive wat the height of the Troubles.

"We called to this house. . . . When I got to the bathroom, I was then confronted with this man who I recognised as Mr McGlinchey and he had a machine gun." The officer revealed that McGlinchey's wife was holding a gun over him but she was cautioned from using it by the woman who owned the house.

"When the lady of the house came on the scene and told Mrs McGlinchey who had a gun over us at the time in that she didn't want to see any blood on her carpet, that eased it a small bit."

The gardai were left bound and gagged but eventually managed to free themselves. Dominic McGlinchey was one of the most notorious leaders of the INLA. During the 18-month period that he spent on the run in the Republic at the beginning of the Eighties, he became known as the first media terrorist.Another garda, Tom Murphy, tells how he almost lost his life because the couple believed he had radioed back to his station for help after stopping their car.

McGlinchey's wife Mary was shot dead in front of her children in 1987 in her home in Dundalk, and seven years later her husband was shot dead shortly after being released from prison in 1993. A baby daughter had died ininfancy.

Meirligh will be shown on Thursday on TG4 at 10.30pm.

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