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Households told to boil their water as floods may have contaminated supply

PEOPLE in some areas of Co Limerick have been told to boil water for the next few days because of heavy flooding in the area.

Limerick County Council advised residents in Carigeen, Ardagh, Dromcollogher, Broadford, Feohanagh, Feenagh, Kilmeedy and surrounding areas to boil water and then allow it to cool, cover it and then store it in a fridge or cold place.

The council said water from the hot tap was not safe to drink and domestic filters would not guarantee that water was safe to drink, while ice cubes in freezers should be discarded.

Water that has been boiled can be used for preparing foods that will not be cooked, such as for washing salads.

Baby feeds can be prepared with water that has been brought to the boil and cooled. If tap water is unavailable, bottled water that has been brought to the boil and cooled can be used.

Water may be used for flushing toilets and for bathing. The council said the boil notice would be reviewed on June 12.

The country will again experience heavy rain over the next few days. Torrential, thundery afternoon showers are predicted for tomorrow and Tuesday, with Wednesday promising slightly better conditions, albeit still showery, Met Eireann said.

Thursday offers some hope of dry weather; however, it is likely to be a temporary reprieve from the rain, which is forecast to resume on Friday.

Highest temperatures will be unlikely to exceed 16C or 17C, a far cry from the soaring summer temperatures experienced throughout the country in recent weeks.

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