Monday 19 March 2018

Households can save €100 by being energy savvy

Charlie Weston Personal Finance Editor

HOUSEHOLDERS can save up to €100 a year on energy by taking a few simple steps like installing an energy monitor, defrosting the fridge and using lids when cooking.

The average energy bill for a family that uses electricity and gas is set to rise by €300 this year after all the suppliers hiked their prices recently.

But now consumers have been advised to switch off stereos and TVs that are on standby, and only use a washing machine when there is a full load.

And energy supplier Airtricity also said that not switching off a computer and instead leaving it hibernating could be a big saver.

This is because a PC (personal computer) uses vast amounts of energy reloading all the programmes when it is turned back on. But it is best to turn off printers and plug out chargers.

Other top tips include always switching off lights when a room is not in use. Between 10pc and 15pc of electricity costs in a typical homes go on lighting.

Radiators should be unobstructed to allow heat to circulate and thermostats turned down as soon as a room is warm enough.

When it comes to washing, the advice is to only put on the machine when there is a full load, and to consider dropping the temperature. Dryers should be used sparingly, the energy provider said.

Taking these tips on board could lead to a cut of 10pc in energy use, or around €100 a year, Airtricity managing director Stephen Wheeler said.

If every household was to manage its energy use better it could amount to total savings in the economy of €200m, he added.

Mr Wheeler said: "Managing household bills is a struggle for a lot of people at the moment but many consumers do not understand that small actions like switching appliances off at the wall and turning off lights can make a huge difference to their energy consumption and costs.

"By cutting our annual home energy use by up to 10pc, each household can save up to €100 per annum."

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