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Thursday 26 April 2018

Householders and businesses complain of water shortages after restrictions lifted

Many businesses and homes have complained they had no running water this morning after restrictions were lifted at 7am.

One unlucky Dubliner claimed they had no water in their city centre home, saying: “I just want a cup of tea and a shower before work.”

 But Dublin City Council engineer Michael Phillips said he was “surprised” that some people were having water issues, given the water supply was turned back on before 7am this morning.

However he conceded that the water can take “up to two hours” to reach certain businesses and homes once the council has turned the water back on.

“Every house and every place should have 24 hour storage,” he said on RTE Radio's Morning Ireland.

“In the attic, you have 24 hour storage and if you boil the water you can have a cup of tea… Unless someone has been washing with washing machines,” he said.

He said householders and businesses should check their plumbing in light of other recent water crises in Dublin.

“I’m a bit surprised that people haven’t checked their tanks” because householders and businesses would have “had these crises two years ago with the cold winter and last March”, Mr Philips said.

He warned: “If the plumbing isn’t correct, they will have airlocks in the system and they need to get this checked.”

“We turn the water back on at 7am, in fact we turned it on earlier than 7…it can take up to two hours to reach a location.

“All it’s been off is 12 hours so they should have water.”

Water supply is being cut off every night this week, and Dublin City Council is investigating changes to the characteristics of the water flowing into the city.

“The characteristics of the water have changed and we haven’t had this type of change in the last 20 years.”

The council is working with chemists and engineers to adjust their water treatment process “to manage these characteristics”, he said. 

Meanwhile Fianna Fail Dublin city councillor Mary Fitzpatrick said the situation is “extremely worrying” because it’s the second crises Dublin has experienced in a year.

Cllr Fitzpatrick also claimed that elected council representatives were not made aware beforehand that water restrictions were to be put in place.

She claimed she found out through a press release issued by Dublin City Council about the restrictions.

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