Thursday 26 April 2018

House of Horrors: Media leak forced gardai to seal site where two babies were allegedly murdered

GRISLY: Workers bring equipment to the house where gardai will dig for the bodies of two babies. Photo: Colin Keegan
GRISLY: Workers bring equipment to the house where gardai will dig for the bodies of two babies. Photo: Colin Keegan
Maeve Sheehan

Maeve Sheehan

Gardai were forced to get a search warrant to isolate a suburban home where two babies were allegedly murdered after the news of their plans to dig the garden leaked to the media last week.

Detectives applied for a search warrant late on the day the story broke, fearing the publicity could result in potential evidence at the property being tampered with.

The house was sealed off that night, and its single occupant, an elderly woman, had to move to other accommodation.

Gardai are investigating claims from another woman that she was raped and sexually abused as a child. She alleges that she became pregnant twice when she was aged 12 and 15.

She claims on both occasions she gave birth in the house and that after one birth she witnessed her newborn infant being suffocated. She alleges a hole was dug in the garden and she saw the baby being buried there. Her second baby was also killed and its body disposed of on the property, she claims.

She also claims that the babies were taken from her and murdered - in order to cover up her pregnancies and prevent a scandal.

The horrific events are alleged to have occurred in the late 1980s and early 1990s, according to sources.

The woman came forward to gardai in Crumlin, south Dublin, last year and has given a detailed and harrowing account of the alleged abuses. The man she named as the alleged abuser is now dead.

Detectives have interviewed a number of the woman's relatives. They have also spoken to a large group of the woman's school friends, teachers and other figures in authority.

Gardai also hope to speak to the elderly woman who has been residing at the property.

Although the house remains sealed off this weekend, gardai won't start searching until later this week, an operation that is expected to continue over several weeks.

Workmen were brought in last Friday to screen off the garden of the property, which is in a quiet residential area of Dublin. The interior of the house will be forensically searched first, in an extensive probe that will take in the attic, the walls and floor boards.

Specialist equipment will be brought in to scan the ground for signs of disturbance. It will then be excavated in sections.

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