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Hotel barking up right tree with luxury pooch service

IT's a hotel fit for a king... Well, a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel at least.

Couples who are unable to tear themselves away from their pets are checking-in at a four-star hotel while their four-legged friends can have a luxury break of their own.

The Pembroke Hotel in Kilkenny has launched the city's first four-star stay for dogs in response to a demand from guests to bring their dogs on holiday.

Pooches are whisked away to the nearby family-run Jenkinstown Kennels, a short drive from the hotel, when owners check-in.

While couples are relaxing in the hotel, their pets are getting high-quality food and regular walks.

A chauffeur also brings the dogs to and from the Pembroke Hotel at the request of guests.

General manager Paul Broderick said dog owners enjoy taking their pets out of the kennels to walk them in Jenkinstown Wood during their mini-break in Kilkenny.

The cost of board at the kennels is about €30 per night per pet but the Pembroke is absorbing most of the costs once guests are booked in for a number of nights.

The promotion costs €109 per room -- and the package includes a stay for a pooch. Guests are asked to bring pet harnesses, have ID on their dog, and a crate so the pet can be transported.

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