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Hosepipe ban less likely this summer


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A hosepipe ban in cities this summer is looking less likely as we are in a "better position this year" than last in terms of water supplies, according to Irish Water.

During the height of the blistering summer last year, Irish Water had to introduce a drastic hosepipe ban throughout July and August.

The authority said it is working to minimise disruption this year, and has called on the public to remain aware of the importance of water conservation, particularly through the warm weather.

It said that while there might be "drought conditions" throughout the country this summer, it says levels in urban areas are "stable".

"Surface water sources in general have recovered in most places around the country, however some ground water sources have not recovered as well due to the lack of rainfall," a spokesperson told the Irish Independent.

"Irish Water continues to monitor our water supplies around the country and we liaise regularly with Met Éireann to plan for prolonged periods of dry weather. We may have some drought conditions in some areas throughout the country this summer.

"However, for the large urban areas like Dublin and Cork the levels are currently stable and we are in a better position this year than we were this time last year. In addition, the cooler weather has meant that demand is also down."

He said the 'find and fix' activity has been increased across the country this year to reduce leakage which helps to reduce demand.

"Irish Water is working closely with our stakeholders, including the ESB and Waterways Ireland, to establish new ways of working to help us with water supply and storage," he said.

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