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Tuesday 24 April 2018

Horslips: 'We didn't storm off at croker'


Reformed Celtic-rock band Horslips have laughed off reports that they stormed off stage in Croke Park because they were upset with a poor sound system.

The band only played two songs in the stadium last Sunday -- and fiddle-player Charles O'Connor walked off towards the end of Dearg Doom, followed by bass player Barry Devlin.

The crowd, there to see Dublin play Mayo, were confused, with some people thinking that there must have been a disagreement or a row.

But, according to Devlin, there was no row, just a terrible sound that curtailed their performance to two songs instead of four.

He explained: "We were the interval act and there was trouble with the sound desk. The crew told us not to go on until it was fixed or improved on. But at our age we're easily confused! Charles didn't walk off in disgust or anything, that's just the way we finish Dearg Doom; everybody walks off one at a time. It winds down. Unfortunately, we didn't get to play Trouble With A Capital T, which was disappointing.

"So we only got to do two songs, but it was still fun. It was a lark, following in the footsteps of Jedward and that! But there was some confusion about when we were meant to be on. We thought we were the interval act at half-time in the main match. But we actually went on after the minor match between Laois and Dublin and before the main match.

"Some people who only got there before the Mayo and Dublin game expected to see us play at half time, but by then we had already performed. Despite the poor sound -- it echoes all around the place -- it was enjoyable. It had always been an ambition of mine to play Croke Park, and we finally did it. Afterwards we watched the game from the presidential box, which was great fun. It was a good day."

The band are set to play at the new Feis festival in London's Finsbury Park this summer with Bob Dylan and Van Morrison. Waterford-born promoter Vince Power set it up to replace the Fleadh concerts he used to promote there.

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